Session Proposal: Educational technology in language and culture acquisition:

We want to exchange ideas about educational technology in language and cultural acquisition. Using our peer language tandem web platform, as an example, we will share our own experiences with transnational peer learning. We want to encourage discussion and debate about technology as enrichment (rather than replacement) of the classroom, deep internationalization, and teaching and learning across cultural difference.

LinguaeLive is a free web platform founded by Professor Jennifer Ruth Hosek in Languages, Literatures and Cultures at Queen’s University that is being developed by a team including Mayu Takasaki, also of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

LinguaeLive allows teachers to connect their students to practice each other’s languages in peer e-tandems. The site allows any instructor to connect with colleagues teaching complementary language classes across the globe. These instructors can then link their students for peer-to-peer communication. can help students improve their language and cultural skills and make connections abroad and therefore is an excellent example of the use of technology to enhance transnational teaching and learning.

This session is proposed by Dr. Jennifer Hosek and Dr. Mayu Takasaki of the Languages, Literature, and Cultures Department at Queen’s.

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