[Session Proposal] Hidden Traces: A look beneath the threshold with Multi-Spectral Imaging

You may or may not be cursed! Allow us, in our play/talk session, to take you beyond what visible light can show you, and experience the secrets that Ultraviolet Reflectography and Infrared Photography can uncover. Let us; Ian E. Longo, Mitchell King and Clare Barker demonstrate the different uses of this technology that we are familiar with such as enhancing the legibility of text on ancient papyri and ostraka, exposing text in historic manuscripts that has been erased from history and revealing underdrawings never meant to be seen in valuable oil paintings.

Most of these techniques, before being adapted to archeology and art history, were used in the fields of dermatology and forensic investigations. In our demonstration we will be able to show you some of these applications as well. We hope that this will inspire you to join us in discussion of future applications of these digital techniques.

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About Ian Longo

I first came into the humanities hoping to find a field of study I can feel passionate about, and I have, studying the history of the classical era. As Žižek would say, to love one thing is to hate everything other than it, so I do not have blinders on when it comes to learning new things. I have committed myself to studying classics but in my free time I enjoy everything from learning about astrophysics, studying the complex and interesting history of the nuclear bomb and reading post-apocalyptic fiction, among other things.