Thesaurus Linguae Graecae and Infrared Photography

Clare joins us from Classics at Queen’s!

I would like to learn more about photography and photo manipulation (photoshop). I don’t have that many skills to share because I am just starting out with graduate work, but my project involves infra-red photography of ancient papyrus documents which allows the ink to be seen more clearly on the image than is possible in visible light. I also use online databases in my research. Currently I am considering the best way to catalogue/organize hundreds of images and descriptions of papyri. Becoming more proficient with technology in general would be excellent for me, and I am interested to see what other work people are doing with their research involving technology.

I am a graduate student at Queen’s University in Classics. My research is in papyrology and involves using infra-red photography to read damaged, stained and/or faded ink on papyrus. I have always admired those who have moved forward with projects seemingly ahead of their time: for example, in the Classics, the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae founded by Marianne McDonald (working with Theodore Brunner and David Packard) created a searchable database of Ancient Greek texts, begun in 1972!

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