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Re: [MAPC-coord] PROPOSAL: MAPC/SWAIG Joint Newsletter


Re: [MAPC-coord] PROPOSAL: MAPC/SWAIG Joint Newsletter



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From: Frank Paynter
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Sent: Friday, November 09, 2001 10:02 PM
Subject: RE: [MAPC-coord] PROPOSAL: MAPC/SWAIG Joint Newsletter

If you would like to change your proposal to the publication of a joint newsletter next month, I would approve.  But commiting to a regular monthly publication, welllll...
I'm a little shy about approving this proposal and the reasons are a combination of fiscal and political caution.  If MAPC formally produces a newsletter, how will we assure a continuing commitment to appeal to a broad base of peace oriented people?  If we commit to supporting $500 publication costs, then we're also talking about that plus an occasional $400 or $500 distribution costs to get those 10,000 8 pagers folded into the Isthmus and we're up to $1000 a month.  Sounds like a good agenda item for the General Membership meeting.  I would prefer occasional ad hoc efforts rather than a joint commitment to publish a regular periodical. 
Incidentally, the anti war movement may be a minority, but it remains to be seen how small it is.  I've talked and talked and can't find many people who are for the war.
I think we could hit a higher energy level, save 95% of that money and diseminate more and better information by saving those trees and going straight to a blog format.
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Sent: Friday, November 09, 2001 6:36 PM
Subject: [MAPC-coord] PROPOSAL: MAPC/SWAIG Joint Newsletter

Educating the public needs to be our number one priority right now, given just how small a minority the anti-war movement is.  MAPC should be disseminating information and analysis on the widest possible basis, and using that information to help bring people into the organization and establish our identify in the community.  As X said at the student teach-in, we need to be thinking in terms of 10,000 copies of our literature, not a few hundred.
Following discussions with the South West Asia Information Group, I am proposing that MAPC & SWAIG publish a joint monthly newsletter.
The newsletter would be published as an 8-page newsprint tabloid.  MAPC would be responsible for content of pages 7 and 8, plus about a quarter of page one.  SWAIG would be responsible for the remaining content. 
SWAIG's content would be similar to what was contained in its initial tabloid -- anslysis of the region, the war, and U.S. foreign policy.  MAPC's content would be a calendar of events, information from the various Working Groups on their upcoming activities, reports on past activities, and other content designed to motivate readers to get involved.  Solicitation of donations would also be included.
Approximately 10,000 copies of each issue would be published, requiring a major effort at distribution through literature tables, bundles left at stores, co-ops, etc., passing out at events or to pedestrians, and perhaps even door-to-door distribution in selected neighborhoods.
The printing cost for 10,000 copies of a 8-page tabloid would be approximately $500.00, using the non-union printer that SWAIG used for its tabloid.  (I would prefer to transfer the project to a union shop, preferably Port Publications in Port Washington; this may require an adjustment in either the budget or number of copies.)  This cost would be covered by MAPC.
I would expect that the newsletter would generate $100 to $200 per month in new donations, based on people clipping a donation request coupon.  Another option would be to sell advertisements in the newsletter to supportive businesses, co-ops, and organizations.  (SWAIG opposed this option, based on possible conflicts with the Madison Insurgent.  I will be meeting with the Insurgent collective to discuss whether they would in fact have objections to this.)
If finances do not permit monthly publication, Plan B would be for alternating between the tabloid and a 2-page, 8.5 by 11, smaller circulation, newsletter containing only MAPC organizational info.
Because MAPC's contribution to the content would reflect the activities of all of the Working Groups, I believe that the newsletter should be coordinated at the CC level.  (I ran this past O&E, who agreed.)  Options for filling the newsletter editor position would include:
(a)  One of the existing CC members could take on this project.
(b)  A new at-large CC position could be created
(c)  A Newsletter Working Group could be created; or
(d)  A volunteer who is not officially on the CC. but is willing to attend CC meetings, could be located.

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Friday, November 09, 2001 10:22 PM

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Re: [MAPC-coord] PROPOSAL: MAPC/SWAIG Joint Newsletter


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