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The event of September 11th was a terrible tragedy
that deeply scarred the nation and developed the
realization that unity was the only answer.

September 11th definitely was a wake up call for the
US in that the country was no longer seen as
invincible; therefore, Americans realized that they
had to work together to build up to a more perfect
union. As a result of this tragedy, the fact that
unity was gained was the only positive rising, but
unfortunately it was short lived.

After the Twin Towers collapsed Americans united in a
way that hadn t been done since the Gulf War. Citizens
responded to the needs of fellow Americans and began
aiding one another in various ways. Millions of
dollars derived from donations of both the rich and
less fortunate were collected to assist the victims.
Clothing as well as other need supplies were also
contributed. Americans also began to express their
unity by demonstrating their patriotism. The American
flag regained a sense of respect and pride, which had
been long forgotten. It seemed that everywhere you
looked flags appeared, whether it was outside homes,
on vehicles, bumper stickers, shirts, etc. Slogans
that read United We Stand became popular as well
and seemed to ease the pain and sorrow of others by
giving them strength.

This unity of Americans, as I predicted, did not last
long. Cries of the needy seemed to have been
forgotten, and the spirit of giving vanished. It s sad
to realize that the only way people in this country
help one another is for a tragedy to occur. I hope
that after September 11th people can realize how being
a charitable person can improve the state and well
being of our nation because it creates the answer, unity.


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