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NMAH Story: Story

I flew from Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale on a business trip the morning of September 11, 2001. I had rented a car and was on my way to the meeting when I heard the news on the radio. Instead of the business discussion I had prepared, the meeting was focused on the terrifying events unfolding. Coworkers interupted our meeting with news updates: "The Pentigon was just hit!" and "One of the WTC towers just fell!". I struggled to contain my emotions.

After the meeting and learning the airports were closed, I decided to drive the 11 hour trip home in my rental car. I tried several times to contact my husband on my cell phone and finally reached him. He had a sales meeting that morning and after hearing the terrible news lead the group in prayer. My three boys were still at school and I wondered how they were feeling about this tragic situation.

The news reports I listened to on my ride home didn't even come close to the impact of seeing the tramatic events on television when I finally arrived home.

I cried that day and for several days after especially at a memorial mass celebrated at our church. Our lives had changed forever.

NMAH Story: Life Changed

Yes! I feel less secure. However, I also feel so greatful that I am an American. As an American, I enjoy so much freedom and I had taken that for granted until 9/11/02.

NMAH Story: Remembered

That Americans as a group are strong and will rise up regardless of adversity. We are truly one great nation.

NMAH Story: Flag

Yes, we still have two small flags: one on our mailbox and the other in the front yard. They're faded but still fly proudly.


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