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From a woman working at 2 Chase Plaza:

Hello everyone,

I'm not sure if these attachments will work or not? If they don't, I'll resend them when I'm back in the office on Friday or Monday. These photos are of the lobby of my building the morning of the attacks. I've been to my building now a few times (even though I haven't been in for the whole day yet) and you honestly can't tell how horrible the scene was on Tuesday. Each floor was said to have up to ONE INCH of debris from the vents, and they are ALL CLEAN NOW! Sometimes you can see where the cleaning people missed a spot or corner, but they did a really FANTASTIC job. The smell isn't bad at all when I'm inside, but outside is another story. There isn't a rotting smell like the media would like for you to believe, but a dirty, concrete smell that pierces your nose.

I attended a mandatory counseling session on Tuesday and it actually helped to see everyone and hear that we are doing okay (there were about 25 of us in my session, all from my floor - so I knew them pretty well). The site ("ground zero") is really awful. I don't think I can describe how sad it is to see the piles of scraps. I can't imagine looking at that pile if one of my loved ones was trapped within it. The downtown area (the blocks surrounding my building) are very quiet and somber. Everyone passes by you
with a forced smile and tears in their eyes. Quite a few people are still limping - again, I can only imagine what their stories might be. Some people in my office are refusing to come back, I'm not sure where they will go or what they'll do, but I can kind of understand their concerns. My building is now the tallest building in the downtown area. We are hidden among some other buildings, but it is still a little scary to know that
I am on one of the top floors. Chase is completely re-doing it's fire and safety
regulations for the end of this week. They have beefed up security 200%, I now have to wear my badge EVERYWHERE and hold it up to my face when I walk by a guard. FYI - we don't have any assets that will be frozen due to Bush's plan.

I wasn't sure how I was going to handle going downtown for the first time, but I think things went okay. I mean, yes, I wanted to cry for the victims and their families, but I also want to live. I don't want to live my life in fear and I don't plan to either. I was spared for a reason, and I don't intend to waste my life fearing another attack.

I honestly can't thank all of you enough for all of your support these past few weeks. I felt so much love from all of you and I think that helped me want to be okay with this crazy city. I mean, I have a lot to live for and I have the most amazing people in my life to share my times with - so thanks for helping focus on that instead of feeling guilty that I was spared where others were not.

I should be back in the office full time as of Friday, but I am not sure how much work we will be getting done. I am currently in another office today, and will be returning here tomorrow. My commute into the city sucks. It takes me over an hour now and costs $8/day. I think Chase is thinking about how to compensate those who's commuting costs have been changed. They are still trying to see what they can do about that. I must say that Chase has been remarkable through all of this. I am really proud of my company
for taking a sincere interest in my mental health through all of this. I really mean that too. One manager was insensitive about giving his people time to deal with things and he was fired because of his actions. Chase is good about putting its money where its mouth is and it stands by its actions.

Well, I am already looking forward to this weekend. There is an art and music festival in Hoboken, and I am excited to go. I've gotten together with some friends already and I don't come downtown without a buddy. Most of my team (immediate co-workers) live in Hoboken, so we commute into the city together to ensure that we are comfortable with seeing all this stuff with a friend. I can't tell you how great it was to see most of my
colleagues. I guess I didn't realize how important they are to me, and it was nice to be with them again.

Okay, I've rambled enough for now. I hope that all of you are keeping happy thoughts and know that I love you. I'll be home the weekend of Columbus Day, so hopefully I'll get to see all of you then.

I love you!
Take Care,

September 11 Email: Date

Wednesday, September 26th

September 11 Email: Subject

From Chase Plaza


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