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The morning of September 11th. I received a phone call from my sister-in-law. I had worked the night before so I had slept in a little. When she called she asked me if I could believe what happened. I had not turned the television on so I didn't know what had happened. She told me that a plane at crashed into the Twin Towers. I turned on the television and saw the footage of the second plane hitting the Twin Towers. Not long after I heard about the plane that crashed into the Pentagon. My husband worked on a construction sight about a mile or two from the Pentagon. I was so shocked at what was happening. I was unable to reach my husband because the cell phones were not working and I was frantic. I didn't know what was going to happen next. I wasn't sure whether or not I should rush to the school and get my kids or if I should wait to try to reach my husband. I was finally able to get through to my husbands cell phone and after discussing it decided to let the kids stay in school. I still remember feeling shocked, sad, and mad all at the same time. I remember praying for all of the people in New York, Washington, and the living relatives of the passengers in all of the planes. I remember thinking about all the other terrorists acts that you see on the news in other countries, and being relieved we live in America where things like that don't happen. America's sense of security was stripped on that awful day but our sense of Pride, Freedom, and Patriotism was lit and has burned bright ever since. We have proved to the world that we will Perservere and that we are beyond all doubt the Strongest and most United country in the world. For all of the relatives of the Americans lost on that awful day, I would like to say that we will always pray for you and we will always see every one of our lost Americans as HEROS.


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