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I was dreading the day of Tuesday, September 11th as it meant the end to a nice visit by my sister, niece, and nephew. I grabbed a cup of coffee and changed the television station from Sesame Street (when the kids weren't looking) to the CBS Morning Show. A few minutes later, as the end of the show approached, Bryant Gumbel broke in to announce a special report. I said to my sister, "Geez, they over-react with these reports. It's probably not a big deal." Then, I had a feeling of dread wash over me as I saw the video of the WTC on fire. Moments later we watched as the next plane crashed into the building. (Later, we were to learn that my husband's boss's brother, Michael Horrocks, was the co-pilot of this second plane.) My sister and I sat in terror watching the coverage. I begged her to stay and with the uncertainty of the morning's events, she didn't need much pressuring. Since both of our husbands were in Canada (my brother-in-law on a fishing trip; my husband on a business trip), it was comforting to be together. We hugged the kids extra tight that day...we were jealous of their innocence.


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