Looking Under the Paint

Ian will join THATCamp from Classics at Queen’s:

With an interest in multi-spectrum photograph and reflectography I have been able to apply these techniques to the fields of archeology and art conservation. Coming from the photography side, I am hoping to learn why and how certain wave lengths of light – not in the visible spectrum – react to different pigments, minerals and materials. I would like to show how I can give people the opportunity to see underneath the top layer of paint in a painting but at the same time I am hoping to learn more about the technical side of this process.

I first came into the humanities hoping to find a field of study I can feel passionate about, and I have, studying the history of the classical era. As Žižek would say, to love one thing is to hate everything other than it, so I do not have blinders on when it comes to learning new things. I have committed myself to studying classics but in my free time I enjoy everything from learning about astrophysics, studying the complex and interesting history of the nuclear bomb and reading post-apocalyptic fiction, among other things.

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