Digital Research and Social Media in the Classroom

Meaghan will be joining us from Queen’s Cultural Studies!

I want to come to THATcamp because I have followed THATcamp twitter feeds from all over for a while now and I would love the opportunity to participate in a giant brainstorm session on the connections between the humanities, digital culture and pedagogical practice. As a grad student and TA I use twitter to connect with scholars and students all over the world to gain insight into not only the latest research surrounding my own academic interests but I also find I am able to gain valuable information to bring back to the classroom. It would be great to talk about how to better utilize such social media practices.

I am a PhD student in Cultural Studies at Queen’s where I study cultural production and development in the context of urban west Kingston, Jamaica. My background in humanities and technology began in my undergrad where I studied English and Media, Information and Technoculture. It was there that I learned to create websites, write in HTML, and design digital diasporas. [….]Currently, I am working towards completing my dissertation and also trying (and failing) to master Python. My thoughts on Slavoj Žižek? He needs a good editor and some yoga.

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