Text, Image, and Medium (with a healthy dose of Paradise Lost)

Katie will be joining us from English at Queen’s!

I am relatively new to the practices of digital humanities, so I am looking forward to learning more about the different past, present and future projects related to the field. I am especially interested in the way text interacts with image, and how that relationship changes in relation to its medium – i.e. material print or digital publication – especially in terms of the reader/viewer experience of the object. On the practical side, I would like to learn more about book digitization, and am interested in the various ways the “experience” of a printed object is translated to the digital form…I am primarily interested in Romantic literature with a focus on late-18th/early-19th century scientific theories of the individual mind (specifically, the mind during sleep). I have always been interested in computer technologies, and I have recently become more intrigued by the impact digital publication has on the study of literature. Most of my free time is spent making my cats listen to me recite the same 80 lines from Paradise Lost.

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